April 14, 2024

We, the members-consumers of Benguet Electric Cooperative, are seeking for an explanation about the current issues plaguing our electric cooperative. The main question we have is about the bidding of the power supply contract.

Not all members and consumers know about the actual state and internal operations of Beneco. We have been informed that the contract of Beneco has already been published for bidding. Our concern is, which companies participated in the selection process? For how much per kilowatt hour?

It seems that internal arrangements have been done without consulting members-consumers, and no announcements on this matter were made during the general assemblies.

Members and consumers will be greatly affected by the result of the power supply bidding which is yet to expire in March 2024.

As members-consumers, we demand accountability from those in charge of Beneco’s internal operations.

We believe that an electric cooperative’s transactions should be transparent since these disclosures are necessary for effective oversight in the management of the electric cooperative.

Our main goal is to inform and be informed about the cooperative’s initiatives if we indeed are truly the very members-consumers and owners of Beneco. — MEMBERS-CONSUMERS of BENECO