April 13, 2024

To counter any misinformation and misconceptions about the acute gastroenteritis outbreak in the city, Mayor Benjamin Magalong said the city government has been coming up with a series of social media posts and press releases that “things are getting back to normal” in the city.

In a press forum on Jan. 14, Magalong said certain guidelines and advisories are being formulated so that people can act appropriately in the face of latest developments on the illness.

“We want to be very truthful and transparent to the public. People should know. The City of Baguio is an open government because we believe that to be able to establish trust, the government should be open, transparent and accountable,” he said.

Magalong said “a well-informed public is in a better position to really respond to any contingencies such as this outbreak.”

“We have already stated the facts and have been very transparent about the outbreak. Kaya kung pwede sana iwasan nating ipagkakalat at pulitikahin ang mga fake news tungkol dito at hindi nakakatulong sa atin ito,” he said.

He also assured the city’s containment and prevention measures to handle the diarrhea outbreak, whose critical period is now over, are in place. – Gaby B. Keith