June 20, 2024

Perennial golf champions Dai Tsuchiya and Henry Rosito remain unbeaten in the elite division of the Pines Kumpadres Golf Club, Inc. (PKGCI) at the Pinewoods Golf & Country Club.

Tsuchiya now has three wins over former champions Soc Suayan, Ramir Badua, and Paul Diaz; while Rosito has won over Art Bacoco and Warren Lee Dagupon to be on top of groups 1 and 2 in class A.

PKGCI MATCH PLAY — The annual match among members of Pines Kumpadres Golf Club, Inc. is getting exciting as former overall champions are competing in the elite class A. Here, lawyer JM Mendoza nailed his first eagle at hole 5 of Pinewoods Golf & Country Club, while playing with Kevin Capuyan and Joel Angday. Meanwhile, defending champion Henry Rosito edged Warren Dagupon in their recent match. — PKGCI photos

Diaz is also in contention in group 2 with two wins over Badua and Suayan.

In the stacked class B division, Aaron Cadiogan, Mark Jeff Balangitan, and Jigs Agulan recorded four wins and one loss each, while Max Sumeg-ang Jr. has three wins and one loss.

Also in contention in group 2 are Francis Calanio, Edwin Macgui-ing and Erwin Killip, who have two wins each.

PKGCI president Marty Manayos is leading the pack in group 3 with three wins over Nestor Fongwan Jr., Mel Licoben, and James Pooten; while Kenneth Malikchan has two wins over Pooten and Terry Parker.

Parker, on the other hand, has won over Pooten and Licoben.

Kevin Cabading is leading the charge in class D with four wins over Jeffrey Mendoza, Kevin Kaizer Capuyan, Joel Angday, and Chris Ismael; while Benjie Kimmayong and Michael Atolba have three wins each.

Atolba  won against Amor Paredes, Dams Pichay, and Brenner Bengwayan; while Kimmayong edged Capuyan, Angday, and Mendoza.

Mendoza, on the other hand, has two wins against Angday and Capuyan, while Paredes won against Pichay and Bengwayan.

The annual PKGCI match aims to prepare the members in future individual and team tournaments and to enhance their knowledge on the rules of the game. – Harley F. Palangchao