April 14, 2024

■  Ofelia C. Empian 

UNBEARABLE STENCH? — Officials of Tuba, Benguet led by Mayor Clarita P. Sal-ongan are appealing to the city government of Baguio to address the growing concern of Tuba residents on the unbearable stench emanating from the city’s waste transfer station along the Palispis-Aspiras (Marcos) Highway. Tuba officials and residents noted the foul smell was caused by the tons of waste collected from the central business district and barangays in Baguio. There was also a request for the city to transfer the waste station to a more isolated area. — Harley Palangchao

The city government of Baguio has assured Tuba, Benguet it is addressing the foul smell from its garbage staging area along the Palispis-Aspiras (Marcos) Highway.

Tuba Vice Mayor Maria Carantes, who led the municipal council in a recent dialogue with Mayor Benjamin Magalong, said the city government has requested three more trucks to speed up the process of moving wastes from the staging area.

The city government stated it currently transports 250 tons of wastes daily, making two trips per day with a fleet comprising 12 trucks, to an engineered sanitary landfill in Central Luzon. 

Earlier, Tuba Mayor Clarita Sal-ongan led the inspection of the garbage transfer station of the city to assess the area and urge an action that could minimize the foul smell of the garbage.

The unpleasant odor was due to the piled residual wastes from Baguio during the holidays.

In response, the city’s General Services Office sprayed garbage deodorizer to reduce the stench and ensured the early transport of the wastes.

Carantes said the city also outlined plans to relocate the transfer station to a higher elevation, away from residential areas, which it aims to implement within the year.

The relocation plan with a proposed P50 million funding covers site development expenses aimed at improving the treatment facility, preventing direct liquid discharge from residual wastes, and enclosing the area to prevent eyesores.

Carantes, meanwhile, said they have also discussed the protocols for emergency response along the highways covered by the municipality.