April 17, 2024

It’s truly a breath of fresh air to learn that the city’s chief executive, a true-blue Baguio boy, has assured project contractors in the Summer Capital not to worry anymore since there will no longer be any corrupt practices like “under the table”, “SOPs,” and the like under his administration.
In a news article, Mayor Benjie Magalong stressed that all these shenanigans are all in the past and that his administration is “striving to correct wrongdoings and foster a new culture towards honest project implementation to achieve quality and truly beneficial outputs.”
The report quoted the mayor as claiming that project contractors are now assured of full gain from their projects minus all the unnecessary add-on costs.
Magalong pointed out that with this being the case in his administration of no more corruption, contractors with projects in the city are “expected to give their best in following project specifications to the last detail and ensure that their outputs are of quality standard.” Cheers!

FYI: Effective 7 a.m. of March 15 checkpoints have been set up in all entry and exit points to Baguio City. All travelers in private or public vehicles are required to submit pre-filled out forms indicating their names, addresses, contact numbers, date and time of travel, seat number, and bus number to facilitate easy contact tracing. Passengers are also subjected to thermal scans and those found to have high temperatures are advised to proceed to and assisted in going to the hospital. This scheme is part of the heightened prevention and response measures against the coronavirus disease-2019 (Covid-19). The Covid-19 hotlines are 442-1900 and 1905; 661-1455; 0927-628-0798; 0999-678-4335.
Here is an appeal to the public by the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center Poison Control Unit: Diluted bleach solution is a good disinfectant but please do not store them in drinking water bottles. There have been reported cases of accidental ingestion of diluted bleach solution because it is being mistaken for drinking water. We do not want other cases like these to clog our hospitals at this moment when we are busy fighting the threat of the Covid-19. Stay indoors, wash your hands, use disinfectants but please exercise a sufficient sense of chemical safety at home.

Here’s “Abyss” “Staring at a/ Blank/ Sheet of/ Paper/ Like facing/ Death/In all its/ Wrinkled/ Glory/ I regurgitate words/ All over the/ Sheet’s shiny/ Surface/ Praying to make it/ Less menacing/ More intimate/ Friendly/ Like a mongrel/ Feasting/ On its own/ Vomit”

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May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless and keep us all safe.