April 14, 2024

I wrote this letter to somehow let the Professional Regulation Commission look into the supposed competence of their personnel, especially those who are in-charge of checking the continuing professional development (CPD) units being required in the release of professional license beginning January.
When my PRC license expired in January, I went to the PRC and I brought with me certificates and a copy of my online appointment.
I believe that renewing my license is essential as a professional. The first trip there, I was referred to the assistance desk and the personnel has instructed me to go to counter 12.
When I reached the counter and presented my certificates, the personnel said these were not accredited.
I requested the personnel if I can settle my payment soon, as I shared to him that my companion was able to receive his license on the date of his birthday after he requested to settle the fee soon.
The personnel said such policy does not apply anymore and he showed me a brochure on how I can check through a link to know if my other certificates are CPD-accredited.
On my second trip, I showed an international certificate and another national certificate but I was informed at counter 12 these are not accredited.
I went for a third trip to the PRC because I have seen Masters’ degree as alternative. I brought my diploma. Maybe it was my fault because when I reached counter 12, I was told the copies of certificates should be authenticated and I can only get such from the university.
So, I went to the Benguet State University and requested a copy, which was released after seven working days.
On my fourth trip to PRC, the guard has informed me that my morning appointment has lapsed but I could be accommodated in the afternoon.
Since I have work and in cannot go out during office hours, I planned for my fifth trip on some other day.
On my fifth visit to the PRC, the same personnel assigned at counter 12 has confirmed that I have a buffer in CPD units, reason why he marked “CP OK” in my appointment paper, which paved the way for the release of my renewed license.
I am not complaining about the processes of the PRC regarding CPD units. However, I believe I am a victim of incompetence and laziness. It could have been appreciated and I could have not wasted my time and effort if the personnel at counter 12 checked my CPD qualifications on my first trip to their office. — NAME WITHHELD