March 2, 2024

Bonifacio Day is a significant holiday in the Philippines, which is celebrated annually every Nov. 30 to commemorate the birth of Andres Bonifacio.
Every year, government officials lay flowers on his shrine in Caloocan City to commemorate his heroic acts of fighting for the country’s independence from Spanish rule.
However, it is very saddening that left-leaning groups use the holiday to go out in the streets and protest.
After we commemorate the 160th Bonifacio Day, let us continue to recognize Bonifacio’s courage, determination, and nationalism and use the day as a testament of the spirit of unity, resilience, and bayanihan among Filipino people in the face of crises and adversities.
Let it be a reminder for us to help each other in our journey towards nation-building. Let us prevent left-leaning groups from changing the true meaning of Bonifacio Day. — LINANG BANAWA, Mountain Province