December 8, 2023
STILL UNFINISHED PROJECT — The once much-publicized development of Perfecto-Carantes Street into a multipurpose street remains unrealized after the contract with the winning bidder was terminated. A member of the city council wants concerned offices to update the august body on the city’s plan on the unfinished project. — Harley Palangchao

The City Engineering Office has been invited to attend the session of the city council next month to give an update on the unfinished improvement project of Carantes Street.

In a proposed resolution, Councilor Mylen Yaranon said it has been months since the project has been suspended due to the contractor’s failure to deliver the expected output, yet the project has not yet resumed.

The CEO terminated the project in December last year due to the contractor’s alleged “poor workmanship.”

Under the rules on bidding, the CEO may award the project to the next lowest bidder. If the next bidder refuses, the CEO will have to rebid the project.

The project, which costs P9 million started in November 2022. It is envisioned to be a “shared street” which can be used by pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

The improvement was supposed to include Tactiles, rehabilitation of the drainage, solar road studs, chair bollards, solar powered lamp posts, steel grate for run-off water, and temperature box scanner. – Rimaliza A. Opiña