June 1, 2023

The city government is urging the public to report vandals to address the worsening problem on vandalism.

Public Order and Safety Division Head Enforcer Daryll Longid said the city needs the public’s cooperation in identifying the culprits to put a stop to the nefarious practice.

He said investigations are continuing and the offenders will be dealt with accordingly.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong said the problem has to be rooted out if the city is to attain its vision of a clean and orderly Baguio and to nurture its being a creative city for which efforts are thwarted by senseless graffiti.

It will be recalled that in 2020, one tattoo artist was accosted for vandalizing the mural being painted by street artist Venazir Martinez but Martinez forgave the offender and allowed him to make amends, particularly by helping her restore the defaced artwork, collaborate in future projects, and by becoming an advocate of cleanliness and orderliness.

Longid said he is doubtful if the incident ever served as a lesson to others in the same league as Martinez’s offender.

“These despicable acts these self-proclaimed artists are doing are not art; far from it. There’s nothing artistic about defacing public and private properties.  If anything, these artist wannabes are nothing more than scalawags. We will find them and we will prosecute them,” Longid warned.

In June, the mayor and the city council through Resolution 239, s. 2022 requested the Baguio City Police Office to further strengthen the ongoing campaign against all forms of vandalism in line with the thrust to bring back cleanliness and orderliness in the city.

Ordinance 41 s. 2008 or the Anti-Graffiti Code of the City of Baguio prohibits defacement of any city-owned or privately-owned property and possession of graffiti implements like aerosol spray or broad-tipped indelible marker, pen, marker, pen materials, or instruments while near or within public or private properties.

Further, Resolution 589, s. 2020, urged barangay officials and the BCPO to be vigilant and to deter all acts of vandalism in public places and places that showcase works of arts in the city. – Aileen P. Refuerzo