February 25, 2024

While the country has not recorded an infection from the virus from China that has stricken several individuals, the Department of Health-Cordillera has encouraged the public to be cautious and seek early consultation if they suffer from fever.
DOH-Cordillera Senior Health Program Officer Karen Lonogan said the country has not imposed a ban on travelers from countries that recorded infections from the mystery virus that originated in China, but she encouraged the public to remain vigilant and have themselves checked when they have fever, one of the major symptoms exhibited by those infected by the virus.
Lonogan said although the government is monitoring entry points, such as airports and seaports, to ensure that those with fever are checked and put on quarantine if needed.
Aside from fever, another symptom of the mystery virus infection is difficulty in breathing.
Lonogan said seeking early consultation remains the best way to ensure safety from the mystery virus.
The World Health Organization has advised hospitals worldwide to prepare in case of a spread of the infection after dozens were reported to have suffered from pneumonia-like illnesses traced to the virus.
Various news websites have reported two have died from the virus that has also been confirmed to have infected two other Asian countries – Thailand and Japan.
The WHO said there are no recorded human-to-human transmissions yet, but health authorities are not discounting such possibility.
The global health organization is still looking into the nature of the virus and how it affects people. – Jane B. Cadalig