May 18, 2024

Outdoor enthusiasts are invited to break their personal records by yearend through the virtual 100 Miles from Nowhere Finale, which is ongoing until Dec. 31.

Participants may choose to ride or run during the event organized by local sports group Team Malaya.

“Let’s revisit our goals before 2021 ends. Do not let this pandemic hinder you from breaking new barriers,” the organizers said.

This second season of the Mountainman virtual series of Team Malaya is an extended event, which started in July.

Runners or bikers may go through a total of 160 kilometers or 100 miles with at least 1,500 meters elevation gain.

The participants may complete the 160 kilometers within 30 days starting from the day of their registration.

Organizers said participants must submit screenshots or photos of their run or ride indicating the hour and distance covering 100 miles. 

Registration is ongoing for participants for the run and ride at P1,700 each. 

Once the participants are registered, they may commence their run and ride and submit their screenshots or photos of their activity totaling 160 kilometers until Dec. 31.

Once their submission is verified, they will receive an email from the organizers that their run or ride has been accepted.

Verified finishers will be notified throug h their registered email and their time record will be posted on Team Malaya’s Facebook account.

Prizes await the top finishers such as fastest time for the male and female categories. Finishers will also receive their finishers’ items once the final list has been posted.

For more information, visit the organiser’s page at or their FB page Team Malaya. – Ofelia C. Empian