April 16, 2024

Bank depositors beware

This letter-writer’s wife is a depositor at a commercial bank in La Trinidad, Benguet.
In October 2020, a lady who introduced herself as an employee of the bank asked my wife if she had money transfer transaction with the bank. My wife said there was none. The caller asked if the mobile number she called was that of my wife. She said that it was her number. The caller then said that my wife’s bank account has been hacked.
The bank investigated the matter and found out that P100,000 was transferred to another bank. In this incident, how far can the bank protect its depositors? Why does this bank deny the return of the amount to the depositor?
My wife’s denial that she transferred an amount would have been enough bases for the bank to return her money. But this commercial bank slept on its duty and responsibility to stop the unauthorized release of the amount to whoever the recipient in the other bank.
I am appealing to government and private authorities to look into this for the benefit of all depositors. — BANK DEPOSITOR, La Trinidad, Benguet