May 28, 2024

Inconsistent implementation of alternative work arrangement in DepEd

This is an observation regarding the inconsistent implementation of the alternative work from home arrangement for employees of the Department of Education in the Baguio City division office.
While it is common knowledge that the Civil Service Commission had already issued different memoranda regarding the work from home arrangement of government employees, there are some schools that made their own interpretation of the policy.
Last November, the new director of DepEd-CAR issued Regional Memorandum 367, s. 2020 on alternative work arrangement for all employees which she classified as a “new update,” but nothing was changed in the previous guidelines.
Item 1.3 of the memorandum says: “Work from home is still highly encouraged for teaching and non-teaching personnel, especially for functions that can be rendered through remote modalities.”
The real situation, however, is entirely different.
School heads, especially in some secondary schools have disregarded the order. They still require teachers to report physically five days a week.
Other schools in the division also have different alternative work arrangements.
There were some who implemented the two-day work from home, while others implemented a one-day scheme, which means there is no work from home arrangement after all.
The work from home accomplishment reports must be accompanied with proof such as documents or pictures that is an added burden to the teachers.
But salute to the school heads who implement policies in accordance to CSC guidelines. — NAME WITHHELD, Baguio City