May 24, 2024

An appeal to save Philippine properties in Japan

There are a number of posh commercial and residential properties procured by the Philippine government in Tokyo and Kobe, Japan under a World War II reparation agreement in memory of the sacrifices of veterans and damages inflicted in the quest for freedom that we now enjoy.
The real estate properties are of symbolic value to Filipinos. I have seen them in my scientific exchange travels to Japan and I believe that when developed and be of optimum use, it can provide employment to overseas Filipino workers, generate substantial income for the government, and maintain the harmonious relationship of Filipinos and Japanese.
But the President said in his recent address to the nation that selling the properties is a remedy to have money to prevent the bankruptcy of PhilHealth, which seems to be absurd.
Why not instead compel those who corrupted the state insurance agency to return what they amassed, rather than disposing precious assets to replace what were pilfered?
We appeal that our properties in Japan be saved to benefit us all. — PERCIVAL B. ALIPIT, Baguio City