June 21, 2024

Consequential realities of Covid-19 protection protocol

The Baguio Midland Courier in a headline news has cited there are more people in the locality who died due to suicide because of depression in a hopeless situation than Covid-19-related deaths since the imposition of the community quarantine now reaching six months.
Many people have become desperate – losing their jobs and going hungry and will eventually fade away under home detention if relief goods, amelioration funds, and stimulus packages to revive livelihoods are not adequately, promptly, and regularly provided.
We are mandated to wear face mask for protection against virus infection and still forced to have a face shield over the face mask which is not necessary since it further leads to suffocation depriving people to inhale oxygen which is essential in the respiration process that undergoes in the mitochondrion or power house of the cell that keeps us alive. Let us be sensible in what we think and enforce.
I have seen healthy people wearing face masks and shields collapse in church, buildings, and vehicles that have plastic dividers where windows and doors are closed. They were imply devoid of oxygen to breathe so they fainted. Let ventilations be opened to allow air to freely circulate in an enclosure.
Allow people to go to the parks with lush vegetation to breathe fresh air and to stop smoke-belching vehicles since they pollute the environment making life miserable.
It is difficult or impossible to test millions of individuals for coronavirus infection which are recurrent through the RT-PCR, and people shun to be tested due to the prohibitive cost required for testing.
Us in plant science know visual symptoms associated with plant virus infections so we could manage them. We wonder if human pathologists or health experts have established physical characteristics exhibited by persons infected with viruses so they could be easily identified and given medical attention.
We cannot totally eradicate diseases; they are everywhere in the environment to strike a weak host (human). It is a matter of co-existing with pathogens – to move on and to prevail upon them by living with what nature has provided, keeping ourselves healthy and immune, being active, and seeking spiritual protection. — PERVICAL B. ALIPIT, Baguio City