May 20, 2024

Group opposes making market as multi-storey mall

The Baguio Heritage Foundation Inc. opposes the proposed development of the Baguio market into a multi-story mall.
The facility was formally established as the Baguio City Public Market in 1913 and as such is considered a heritage or historical site.
It became the center of trade of the old Kafagway even before Baguio became a chartered city. It is one of our tourist attractions and one of the historical landmarks of the city. Tourists and residents go to our market to experience the joy of shopping under an open atmosphere.
Our Baguio market should prioritize occupancy by local merchants and not be under the monopoly of giant corporations, one of which already displaced many Baguio businesses and family entrepreneurs. Another mall by any other name would be a betrayal to our own city citizens.
Another mall in an already congested area will lose the highland natural character of Baguio City as envisioned by the great American Architect Daniel Burnham. Let us maintain the cultural character of the market and create district markets thereby decongesting Baguio’s market area. Proper ethnic landscaping will make our market a historic site, a strolling market park, linked to Burnham Park by nature-induced pathways.
We appeal to the city government not to turn this Baguio landmark into another giant mall. — BAGUIO HERITAGE FOUNDATION, INC.