June 24, 2024

An open letter to San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora

I am a Baguio resident and I am writing this letter on my own accord. I guess by now, you have already put behind you the “Baguio incident” and now back to normal. I cannot let you do that without telling you the havoc you have wreaked in our city.
Because of your thoughtless act, you have added to the distress Baguio people are already experiencing because of the pandemic.
Because of your thoughtless act, our once unified residents are divided with one side wanting to nail you to the cross and the other side content to just put you in jail.
Because of your thoughtless act, the Baguio Country Club, once a respected establishment in our city, is cast in a suspicious light of pandering to you so you can spend your leisure time.
And most especially, and I ask that you think about this seriously. Because of your thoughtless act, you placed Mayor Benjamin Magalong in a precarious position.
Baguio residents voted for him because of his unyielding stance on truth and justice as demonstrated by his stand on his report on the fate of the 44 Special Action Force commandos and the Senate hearing on drugs.
Because of your thoughtless act, you have compromised the mayor’s reputation with his constituents. Think about that long and hard.
Spare me the excuses and apologies you publicly made. Words come easy to politicians. If you are sincerely sorry for what you did, let justice take its course and if you are found guilty – and you know you are – take the punishment like a man. — MONIN NAVARRO, Baguio City