June 24, 2024

Living with nature

For hundreds of years, PATHOGENS – viruses, bacteria, and fungi are all around finding hosts (humans) that they can infect.
Studies show that about 25,000 per square inch of these microbes are now in the environment we live in. Their proliferation and virulence are highly correlated with the rate of pollution of the air, water, land, buildings, anything and everywhere.
We are now threatened by the coronavirus disease-2019 pandemic and it will continue to spread unless we restore the integrity of the environment.
There is no cure for viruses. The formulation and administration of vaccines takes a long time.
Virus eradication is only possible through heat treatment and subjection to ultra violet (UV) radiation. Nature has provided sunlight to provide heat and UV rays that kill harmful microorganisms.
Brief exposure in around 15 minutes daily to sunshine enables us also to receive vitamin D, which is needed to strengthen our immune system and be resistant to diseases.
Keeping a clean environment, living with what nature has provided, and constantly being in touch with the Lord will ensure us a pleasant life. — PERCIVAL B. ALIPIT, Baguio City