April 14, 2024

President’s use of profanity too much for Filipinos

President Rodrigo Duterte has referred to our nation as a “fucking country,” which demonstrates his characteristic disregard for propriety whenever it relates to his manner of speaking. As a Filipino, I am greatly appalled by his insolent remark, and it is obvious that he is not mindful of the damage he is causing to the reputation of our country.
His remark by far, is the worst he has ever made as the Leader of the Philippines. While many of our Filipino doctors, nurses, professors, engineers, athletes, artists, overseas domestic workers, etc. abroad are making notable and excellent contributions to gain and enhance the respect of foreigners for our country, we have a President who degrades Filipinos by speaking like an arrogant and uncivilized thug.
Enough is enough, Mr. President. Kindly set your pride aside and sincerely apologize to all Filipino citizens here and abroad for your unacceptable remark. Your tendency to use verbally abusive language shows how you ignore your obligation to give your esteemed position the dignity that it requires and deserves. — NAME WITHHELD