April 18, 2024

DepEd must ensure quality time will benefit learners

I want to be clarified about how the Department of Education manages time in schools despite orders and memorandums issued by the department.

Some of the these issues are:

1. Too much time spent on practices even during regular class hours for performances such as foundation day, town fiesta, Nutrition Month, and United Nations Month, among others.

2. Regular cleanliness activities, fitness time for teachers and employees, parents-teachers association meetings, attending funerals, and long announcements are included in school activities the reason for shortened periods depriving each academic subject of the exact time allotted for each. 

3. Saturdays and Sundays are used for subject requirements instead of prioritizing family bonding.

4. Other government and non-government activities interrupting regular school time.  

5. Too much involvement of teachers in extra-curricular activities leaving his/her classes for even two to three weeks and/or months, thus, students/pupils are already used to independent seat works and group activities, work sheets, and other strategies to serve as substitute for the “official absentee teacher.”  

6. Teachers are loaded with coordinator, adviser functions, and other non-teaching obligations.

Are these contributories to low reading and comprehension skills of our learners? Just asking. — NAME WITHHELD, Benguet