April 22, 2024

‘Misplaced’ traffic road enforcement

At the car park entrance at Melvin Jones grandstand in Burnham Park, there is a “no parking, no waiting” sign.
In the morning of Jan. 18, three cars were waiting to enter the car park. They broke the rule and a mobile traffic officer issued them a citation ticket for the violation.
Earlier, I was at the intersection of Mabini Street and Session Road where the intersection is “boxed,” which means it is to be kept clear and vehicles must not enter that “box” if they cannot clear it even if the traffic light is in their favor.
As a result, a long line of vehicles ensued along Mabini Street because the intersection was blocked by vehicles along Session Road.
This is where that enthusiastic mobile traffic officer should have issued citation tickets to give violators a lesson. — PETER CHONG, Baguio City