June 21, 2024

On health declaration form for travelers to Baguio

It is very good and pragmatic for the city government to be careful with travelers coming into Baguio. We all must contribute to make Baguio safe for everyone.
The website for travelers to make such health declaration can be improved.
I am returning home to Baguio with my wife. I made a health declaration, which requires an email address and phone number. I have both.
My wife will have to do a similar declaration. She too has to have an email address and a phone number. Luckily, she also has both.
Would it not be better if I could declare for both using only one email address and one phone number?
What would a family of a few persons do for such health declaration? Surely not every member of a family has email address and maybe not even a hand phone. — PETER CHONG, Baguio City