May 22, 2024

The top two national leaders in action

We, Filipinos, are proud for having elected a political tandem with complementing leadership in addressing the increasing incidence of poverty and illiteracy, which are inter-linked causes of aggravating circumstances on socio-economic conditions of the marginalized sectors in the country.
Thanks for the acceptance and willingness of Vice President Sara Duterte to lead the Department of Education.
Challenged to manage the multifarious Education for All, Duterte has consulted key educators for a convergent mobilization of upgrading the educational system, consistently centered on basic educational services, human empowerment, and potential development geared toward sustainable educational endeavors.
In compliance to President’s order, emphasizing on skills training, the essential learning competences of educational opportunities were fortified with instructional integration of literacy programs and sustainable livelihood projects.
This strategic mechanism of integrating literacy with livelihood instruction may attract responsiveness and persuade active participation of Filipinos in accelerating employment capabilities and for the realization of quality education.
We admire President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. for his option to lead the Department of Agriculture, which is a manifestation of sincere concern to alleviate poverty by improving the sector that employs bulk of the country’s labor force.
Determined to abate poverty, the President has advocated for systematic reforms with prepared logistics, provided support services, secured investments, and coordinated multi-agency collaboration to elevate the national economic stability.
The emphasis on production-oriented skills training for mechanized farming with subsidized agricultural inputs and deployment of trusted farm technicians as worthy models for emulation in the production of globally competitive agricultural outputs, as well as abundance of food supply.
The appointment of expert Cabinet members with credible track records and trusted public servants in the delivery of adequate services to enhance socio-economic prosperity of our nation is also needed.
The establishment of global diplomatic rapport magnifies international magnates or business investors as partners for countryside development. This reformation scheme is needed for the real improvement of quality life of millions of Filipinos, which will be a lasting legacy of the Marcos administration. — AGAPITO P. DELMAS, Ph. D., La Trinidad, Benguet