March 5, 2024

Barangay Samoki is considered the twin of Bontoc, Mountain Province with its old name Kidla, and the former as Churya.
Libeth Chapap made a significant note on the real names as Kidla and Churya. Only some years later that Kidlaa and Churyaa were used to help in Bontoc literature. For the purpose of syllabication, Churyaa and Kidlaa were the more popular names used.
Based on my interviews, the iSamoki used to go to Teng-ab, Bontoc to get clay for their pottery. This tells the beautiful connection of Samoki and Teng-ab. Aside from that, Teng-ab is the best vantage point to view Samoki in her 180-degree view.
Samoki has a dynamic Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) named after the famous saint, Teresita.
The Samoki BEC is unique from the other BECs for its singing group christened as “Tokwifi,” or star in the vernacular.
Tokwifi, now a fluorishing music ministry headed by Victorina Requino is always visible in community activities such as feasts, wakes and weddings.
The Tokwifi Music Ministry of Samoki composes their songs for the indigenous liturgy.
Another unique feature of Samoki BEC is their Aguinaldo masses. Every mass is sponsored by different stakeholders and puroks. They prepare coffee and bread to be shared with those who attend the mass.
The tradition of Samoki BEC of making the first day of Aguinaldo mass as the first communion of little boys and girls has become an anticipated activity. The kids prepare through regular catechism by volunteer catechists under the leadership of Tomasa Longbabe.
The tradition is kept alive because of a participative community. Aside from openness to learn, the Samoki BEC is not afraid to venture on alternatives and is open to exploring its creative side.
Children, youth, men, women, and senior citizens attend the mass.
Children are involved as altar servers or guitarists in the music ministry.
The interior design of the Samoki chapel is unique. It is conducive to prayer and contemplation. The chapel was completed because the community gave their time, treasure, and talent. It simply shows the active participation of the community. Samoki BEC has produced priests and active lay leaders.
Samoki BEC is dynamic and respects the wisdom of old in planning and decision-ma-king. The members remain optimistic. Despite misunderstandings they remain discreet and have the heart to objectively treat problems. That is their source of unity.
Majority of the Samoki BEC is comprised of barangay officials who are prudent enough to serve despite religious differences.
If you want to see a singing barangay kapitan, go and see Jerome Challoy in Samoki.
If you want to hear original mass songs, go to Samoki BEC.
Children are healthily exposed to prayers and good practices in the chapel.

The Marcsongs Christmas Concert dubbed: “Lagsak Nan Paskua” was blessed by Jesus.
It was cold and raining days before the concert but on Dec. 23, the rain stopped and it was a silent night to start the concert.
Guests from the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Baguio, Lepanto, Sabangan, Sagada, Sadanga, Bauko, Barlig, and Bontoc made the concert meaningful. The performers did well too in conveying the message of Christmas in songs and messages.
My Christmas album, Lagsak Nan Paskua was launched and sold during the concert. The album contains 25 songs. Some covers and most are my compositions. You may have your copy. Surely, you will enjoy the songs.
The concert initially raised P250,000 for Betwagan and Chatol BECs.
To those in Baguio, you may request the songs “Lagsak Nan Paskua”,“Christmas Joy”, and “What Child is This?” at 99.9 CountryFM through their number, 0969-040-1529.
Reach me at [email protected].