June 24, 2024

The days of last, my sympathies are tilting towards Vice President Leni Robredo, as the incessant attacks against her by the occupant of throne now borders on misogynism practically making him a woman hater instead of the lover he projects himself to be.
A misogynist is a misanthrope or someone who dislikes people in general and in this case, women. This comes from Thesaurus, which further describes one as chauvinist, sexist, and anti-feminist hater.
It is of Greek origins: “misein” means “to hate,” and gynē means “woman.”
The issues trace its roots to government response to Typhoon Ulysses and hashtag #NasaanAngPangulo? is actually a legitimate question for all, attributed to the VP who later on clarified that the hashtag did not come from her. This is coupled by the fact that she was ahead visiting the savaged areas and distributing relief, which she raised.
Mature leaders should in fact be thankful and unite in these difficult times. In this case, one instead resorted to personal attacks. What on earth is the relation of her lovelife with a congressman with the disaster? What if she exercises her and that of every Filipino’s right to run for president? If indeed elections were done today, the underdog VP would have easily won.
As VP, Robredo, even if she does not belong to the ruling party, is entitled to use government resources. Maybe time to amend the Constitution and follow the American model where the vote for the president is a vote for his vice president. Anyway, she can call out the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Philippine National Police, or any government body, of course on request and to coordinate, and not to command.
While she did not use the C130 contrary to the claim of Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo, so what if she did? During my time as a lowly representative, I requested and was granted use of AFP and PNP choppers for official missions. So what more with the second highest official of the land? The President uses government planes in going to and from Manila to his hometown almost every week and nobody cries out loud, but hey, that comes with privilege and his quae autem est in potentia ad (what-are-we-in-power-for) attitude.
The pettiness of all the unnecessary grabbing and idle gossip should be beneath us all. The better attitude, aquila non capit muscas” (the eagle does not catch flies), is a reminder not to trouble ourselves with his nonsense.
Better sense, happy birthday on the 25th of this month to my brother, manong Eric. After spending almost four decades as a medical technologist in Abu Dhabi and in Dubai, he has come home to Trancoville to retire and just enjoy the rest of his wealth.
Better to focus on his photography skills and hobby as he travelled to Istanbul, Turkey; U.S.; and local spots to capture scenes, topography, and yes, women.
Naimpusuan ken nabara nga kabla-aw iti innak idanon kenka iti isa-sabangay ti panagkasangay mo, manong! Sigh.