June 23, 2024

One of the most affected sectors during the enhanced community quarantine is women engaged in micro enterprises (WME).
In a study on the immediate effect of the Covid-19 to WMEs enrolled under the Great Women 2 Project, nine WMEs continued their business operation with very limited capacity while four stopped their operation on March and one in April.
After transitioning to general community quarantine and modified GCQ, the business operation has increased to 12 WMES from 25 percent to 75 percent operation while sales have reduced by less than 75 percent.
In terms of business recovery, more than three months is needed to adjust and adapt to the new normal brought by the pandemic. The majorities still has available resources but are expected to be used as payment for taxes, loans, raw materials, and employees.
“The quarantine period has restricted community socialization. It was not easy for us to sell our products since we could not even deliver to our customers. However, the pandemic helped us to realize the importance of having a good relationship within our community where we trade our products,” said Alan Mainim of Banangan Coffee Growers Association.
Most WMEs also expressed that their operations on delivery and transport of coffee products were affected causing the decrease of sales. – Press release