April 24, 2024

The third commandment says, “Remember to keep holy the Lord’s Day.”
“Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God.” (Exodus 20: 8)
Any work that brings us away from God does not belong to the creation of God.
When money and profit define work, work will be stripped from its purpose. It will be misused. It will be abused.
God rested from work to appreciate his work. God made a covenant with the human person to rest from work. He inscribed it even in the tablet, “Remember to keep the day of the Lord holy.”
Work is our participation in the creation of God. Work realizes the identity and dignity of the human person. Work should not alienate the human person from himself and from God.
When money and profit define work, man will surely abuse work and abuse workers.
This is a sad reality today and I call it modern paganism. Man neglects his spiritual responsibility because work is absolutized with money and profit. People no longer find time for the Lord but work even on His day. Worse, businessmen, project contractors, and politicians force their laborers to work on the day of the Lord, Sunday. It is not only a neglect of spiritual responsibility but a public scandal.
We ask the question, “Is my work bringing me away from God and bringing people away from God?”
I keep on praying that our government leaders will realize the abuse of work in our communities. Outside emergency and urgency, work must be regulated especially on Sundays to give justice to the Day of the Lord. Sundays outside emergency and urgency must be treated with utmost respect and justice. Work must rest and laborers must find time for their families and for the Lord.
I stopped one time along the road and advised the laborers in a friendly to give time to their bodies to rest and to give time to God and they laughed at me. They mocked at me saying, “Will you give us our salary?” Well, at least I reminded them.
Again, I plead to all project contractors and government officials to give justice to the Lord by respecting Sundays by resting, being with the family, and being with God in the Sunday service.Any Work that brings us away from God does not belong to the creation of God.

Senior citizens are thriving in the millennials to generate spiritual and cultural values.
They are with us not to impose the wrong values but to generate the values of God.
We are blessed that senior citizens are living with us because they connect the past to the present.
The senior citizens deserve utmost respect and profound love.
Senior citizens of Mountain Province observe an annual gathering. I am blessed to have been journeying with them.
I am happy that they invited me again to deliver a talk and integrate activities.
I was inspired to write my latest composition,“Growing Old Gracefully” because of the senior citizens’ big contribution to the communities.
I will teach the song as I journey with them in their annual gathering.
I thank Mountain Province Gov. Bonifacio Lacwasan, Jr. for giving our senior citizens their beautiful day to celebrate. Thank you too Miguela Padcayan Angwani for working out the activities for them.
Here is the song.

Growing old gracefully
Marcsongs 2023

I’m growing old, but wisdom filled.
I’m growing old, but living gracefully.
I’m growing old, but loved by the Lord.
So, don’t be afraid to grow old.
It’s the years that pass.

Life is beautiful. It’s a blessing.
Live it well with your friends and family.
God will bless you more.
Don’t mind the silver hair.
Be grateful and live in peace. (Chorus)
So, don’t be afraid to grow old.
It’s the years that pass. (3x)

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