July 24, 2024

City officials recently authorized the conduct of the Christmas Eco-Waste and Sustainability Fair on Dec. 14 and 15 to promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices during the holiday season to be spearheaded by the city government.

In a resolution, the city council allowed use of Igorot Park as venue.

The council said the city government acknowledges the significance of promoting sustainable practices even during festive seasons to contribute to environmental conservation among other endeavors.

The Christmas season presents an opportune time to raise awareness about eco-friendly alternative practices among the residents and visitors alike to help in sustaining the efforts to preserve and protect the environment which started way back several decades ago.

The council added the conduct of an eco fair is an effective platform to showcase and promote sustainable products, practices and innovations to the community.

The Christmas Eco Fair shall encompass a diverse range of activities, including but not limited to eco-friendly product showcases, campaigns on sustainable practices and waste reduction methods, and interactive programs to engage residents from all ages.

The city government shall closely coordinate with local environmental organizations, businesses, and community groups to ensure the success and inclusivity of the eco fair.

The council decided to waive any and all fees and charges for the conduct of the activity considering its significant contribution in imparting awareness to the people on the importance of proper eco waste management. – PIO release