July 22, 2024

WHEN YOU OPEN a topic like that, some ears and eyes – much reminiscent of those of the free, forest, wildlife times of Davy Crockett, stand erect, stretched; and alert.. for some seconds – even maybe for some splits of a second, then
BUNG, AND BANG! (or Boomerang) the voices of Innocence (or rather: surprise original? Or at times: pretense innuendoed so well?).. the likes of:
“WHAT? ‘ELECTIONS’, DID you say?” Or, “are you serious, amiguita; how true is that – tell me: little, kidding friend of mine, this time: mismo!” Or, “Said who again.. sinong nagsabi kamo..?” Or, the refined, composed “oh really? And are we to just believe that ‘buzz’ or talk.. [then it is Mr. Calmado’s time.. an opportunity [sometimes articulated like upper-tune-nity et alii] to quell them:
‘BETTER DO! ‘TIS all over the radio, on TV, in the Socmed.. even your favourite aunt.. or uncle, knows..! [And Ma’am Afirmada joins in with]:
“THAT’S RIGHT! FOLKS here and there are already enjoying [.. though some worrying about it.. Yeah, you’d hear it much oftener and louder later on.. later, later.. [And closing in, Mr. Siguramente quickly slams]:
‘OH, YES. IN fact, a ‘buzz’ it is becoming no longer.. Sooner, it will become a fever, you know.. Ah, we Filipinos: how we love to join that: the Election ‘Fever’!’
[AND NOW, IF you’re there, as a listener or part of a chance-audience, what could be your natural, ‘neutral’, or logical reaction?] Maybe, to those comments or declarations
YOU NOD, OR just smile? Hold yourself still and search for truths – or untruths, of things just said? Or, do you just say to yourself – if Ilokano or Cordilleran: Komporme! (if rendered literally in both, shall give: ‘Whichever way it goes; but]
ISN’T THE ILK. and/or Cordi term-expression stemming from the English (– via the Romance influences) conforme – which actually is saying in-substance: ‘(I) conform?
AH-HA! SO, WE do.. and you do too; you con-form?
BUT WE CAN’T deny the presence of something, if it is already there: alive, moving, spreading; or, ‘felt’, reacted to, or complained about, etc.. Can we?
NO, WE CAN’T. [of course, you can always ‘reserve the right’ to have nothing to do with it.. at all, but]
RATHER, WE CAN embrace it, appreciate it, and use it to our advantage – without necessarily being – or becoming, that political. Wanna bet?
START WITH YOURSELF appreciating the ‘buzz’ – or the would-be (or, currently-is:) ‘Fever’:
NAIMBAG MAN! WHAT a good thing it is: there’s something the peoples’ worried, scared, unsteady, etc., minds and feelings could be ignited, switched, or shifted to; and that is – or it is this ‘buzz’ so-called; or the coming Elections: For
AFTER IT ‘MATURES’ – it will convert into a ‘Fever’ cultural – and our people shall gradually and eventually – hopefully, forget and rid themselves of the threat, grip, torment, and anguish or trauma of the virus.
CULTURALLY ‘FRIENDLY’ TO us Filipinos, the Election ‘buzz’ is the ‘beckoning’, beaming light inviting everyone to come out – listen and find out who are filing, who are our ‘next set of officials’ to-be, how they’re handling (or enjoying) the ‘pre-campaign’ ads, visits, and strategies – amidst the Pandemic overclouds. Then
YOU’LL NOT BE surprised – even the villager of fundamental means is there listening to his transistorized radio of new – and ‘old’, names repeatedly being aired, and thus he murmurs:
“THEY MUST BE aspirants.. they’re for ‘name-recall’ again; many indeed make it by that ‘strategy’. This early news of the Election Filing time in October 1 (?) of this Year, is going to excite everybody!”
YES, DEAR READERS: let the ‘buzz’ be one ray of hope that we shall have the Elections as scheduled; though meanwhile we keep safe, follow the protocols, and take all necessary precautions. Wishing everybody the campaigning Mercies during the ‘Buzz’; then, the near-approaching ‘Fever’, and finally, next year’s Elections itself! Ayuhh!