May 23, 2024

Baguio officials recently congratulated athletes of the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) Kai-tagi Judo Club and the YMCA Judo Club who emerged victorious during the 118th Navotas Day-1st Judo Tournament on Jan. 13 and 14.

Athletes of the YMCA Judo Club successfully clinched various medals in different categories during the competition, which is a manifestation that the city is a land of champions.

Among the victorious athletes include Samuel Dino – gold medalist in the juvenile category; Elquiko L. Quelino – gold in the juniors; Joanne Quirimit – silver in the juniors; Jammil Lorenzo – bronze in the juniors category; Leane Siddayao – bronze medalist in the juniors category; Zoei Albino Bacaltos – bronze medalist in the juniors; and George Malin – bronze in the juniors.

In the seniors category, the medalists were Elijah Benbedia – gold; Elquiko L. Quelino – silver: and Noli Lumbaya – bronze.

Under Republic Act 9850, it is the State’s policy to inculcate patriotism, nationalism and appreciation of the role of national heroes and symbols in the historical development of the country.

It added the State shall give priority to education, science and technology, arts and culture, and sports to foster patriotism and nationalism, accelerate social progress, and promote total human liberation and development.

Ordinance 47, s. of 2021 or the Baguio Sports Code recognizes judo as a sporting event where the city emphasizes strong support to Baguio athletes and their coaches.

Copies of the approved resolution will be transmitted to the athletes and the concerned clubs for their information, guidance, ready reference and further needed action. – Press release