April 21, 2024

The city council has approved on first reading a proposed ordinance seeking to regulate the conduct of fun runs, foot races, and other similar events in the city. 

The proposed ordinance is meant to ensure the safety and security of the participants, organizers, spectators, and all persons involved.

Sangguniang Kabataan Federation President Levy Lloyd Orcales stressed regulating the conduct of these activities will “help create a systematized and seamless organization of all foot-related activities in the city.”

Under the proposed ordinance, all foot-related activities shall be allowed only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, except if special circumstances and considerations may require the conduct of such activities as allowed by the Sports and Recreation Division under the City Administrator’s Office.

Government-maintained pathways and sidewalks shall not be used in any fun run or race.

Baguio-based organizers and race directors shall be obliged to apply for accreditation with the city government through the city council in order to conduct, facilitate, promote, and manage fun runs and other similar races in the city.

Only Baguio-based organizers and race directors shall be accredited. Accreditation of new organizers shall be effective for one year, while accreditation for those organizers who were previously accredited by the city government shall be effective for three years. However, when a new set of city officials is convened, all organizers and race directors must automatically renew their accreditation.

Once accredited, the organizer/director shall be required to obtain permits from the Sports and Recreation Division. The permit application for local events must be made at least 30 days prior to the proposed date of the event while permit application for national and international events must be 180 days prior to the proposed date of the event.

The applicant must be able to provide adequate emergency and medical services; security and crowd management; traffic control measures including barricades, fencing, and traffic cones; potable water or drinking stations along the route; and baggage counters.

After obtaining a permit, the organizer/director shall be required to seek approval from the city council for the temporary closure of the roads to be occupied or utilized during the event. However, for half marathons and below, the organizer/director shall seek the approval of the Sports and Recreation Division for the temporary closure of the affected road/s.

 An environmental security bond shall be deposited by the organizer/race director with the City Treasury Office as a requirement before the issuance of the permit. 

The amount shall be refundable within 30 days when the conditions set forth were met. An amount of P3,000 shall be deposited by local organizers/directors, P15,000 by regional and national organizers/directors, and P50,000 by international organizers/directors.

The amount deposited as a bond, however, shall be forfeited and shall accrue to the City Sports Trust Fund if the organizer/director has failed to comply with the conditions.

The organizer/director, after the event, shall be required to restore the condition of the route and areas used in the activity. The cost of the restoration shall be deducted from the deposited bond. 

Canceled fun runs and foot races due to the declaration of a storm signal shall be rescheduled at the preference of the organizer.

The rules and regulations under the proposed ordinance shall not apply to any event sponsored, organized, or conducted by any office or department of the city government and by the barangays.– Jordan G. Habbiling