May 23, 2024

A total of 2,926 workers from the different villages in the Cordillera have started with the 2020 Census of Population and Housing last Sept. 1.
These workers were hired by the Philippine Statistics Authority for the census of population conducted every five years and the census of housing conducted every 10 years.
Abra has an allocation of 399, Apayao has 192, Mountain Province has 231, Kalinga has 182, Ifugao has 266, Baguio City and Benguet have 1,484. The team is composed of area supervisors, team supervisors, and enumerators.
PSA-CAR Director Villafe Alibuyog said the team will work for a total of 31 days.
An enumerator will be paid a daily wage of P535 and P60 daily transportation allowance. The team supervisor will be P565 wage and P90 daily transportation allowance and the area supervisor will be paid P595 daily wage and P120 daily transportation allowance.
The average daily minimum wage in Baguio and other urban areas in the region is P350.
Alibuyog said the workers reside in the same area where they will conduct the census to avoid the need to secure travel permits from point of origin to destination.
In gathering information, Alibuyog said workers will either face to face interview or will leave a survey form to be filled up by the resident or ask for the contact number of the person who will be interviewed via phone call or online.
“We are in an extraordinary situation because of the Covid-19 but we have to do this. The respondents have options if they refuse to have the face-to-face interview,” Alibuyog said.
Alibuyog assured that they have set health protocols and have advised enumerators not to ask for a chair as they have been informed to be ready to do the interview outside the gates of the residences.
She also assured that information obtained will delve only on population, housing, ethnicity including functional difficulties like on hearing, sight, care of self or those related to disabilities. – PNA