March 5, 2024

1.  A private institution in a province is not paying its employees who render overtime work, as the owner is widely whispered to have a padrino, who is ranking labor official.

2.  ABS-CBN is one of the leading trustworthy sources of news, current events, and information contrary to the claims of a powerful leader, his minions, and cheering squads.

3. This local dignitary is now the talk of the town for landing a solid punch on his padrino’s face during a friendly card game that went wrong due to misunderstanding.

4. Several charges may soon be filed against this lawyer, who was recently embroiled in controversies, which is considered by some as an embarrassment in the profession.

5. There is no truth to reports that an agency, which is supposed to safeguard the country’s fragile environment, is using an unregistered car impounded for transport of hot lumber.

6.  The rationalization of decision-making at City Hall remains on the right track, which is why operations of the night market are not suspended despite the threat of the coronavirus.

7.  Some quarters wonder why a notorious wanted person, who was found dead recently, was able to post bail when the alleged charges against him, apparently, are non-bailable.

8. Contrary to public speculations, information has it that a wanted person and his wife were killed by a syndicated group that wanted to have better control over illegal drug operations.

9. Up to now, concerned groups that publicly opposed the expansion project of this giant mall are hoping that the promised green architecture that was widely publicized will be fulfilled.

10. Health authorities are not covering up the case of a PUI for Covid-19 in a nearby province who died, with officials claiming the cause was a different complication.

11. The welfare of this province and its constituents is not being compromised by an internal arrangement between several political leaders and the camp of a politician.

12. A giant mall developer and its rival are courting a local government unit in a bid to secure a multi-million contract for the planned development of a multi-level public market.