May 27, 2024

We may not have plenty of food on the table or a lavish feast. We may not have gifts for everyone this year – maybe just for the kids or to share with family. Some loved ones may not be in attendance – their presence will be sorely missed this Christmas. The protocols and requirements of travel have hindered their trips home. For those who are coming in only for a few days, cannot afford the length of quarantine required. Yet, our hearts are full, knowing that they are safe and healthy exactly where they are.
We pray for the love of Jesus to embrace, protect and guide them. We pray for the blood of Jesus to protect everyone. Our distant children, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends may not be physically present, but we cherish the thought that we can reach them through Messenger, Zoom or our mobile phones. The techno world can indeed bring us closer.
As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we think of what the pandemic has taken away from us or has taught us. To some, maybe loved ones gone ahead, jobs taken away, loss of freedom to traveland to roam; to congregate in big family reunions. Yet, we are still very thankful and grateful that Covid has eluded us.
We pray for our frontliners as they battle the pandemic.
We prayfor the enlightenment of our leaders. We pray they make the right decisions.
We wish this pandemic would go away this year, taking with it all the concerns, stresses, and fear it has brought upon us. The invisible enemy cannot win – together we chant, “If God is with me, who can be against me.”
The new normal has brought a lot of changes in the way we live, breathe, communicate, socialize, and greet people. People have adapted to the masks and shields like it was part of the 21st century fashion. There are different kinds and designs of masks, shields and personal protective equipment nowadays.
We go to a clinic, and we think, “Hey I have seen this scenario in a movie before.” People in PPEs, face masks, shields, running around checking for vitals. We have adjusted to the way we greet people; some use their elbows and some their feet. Some greet with fist bumps. No more beso-beso and hugs. With faces covered, we only see beautiful eyes. After all they say, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.”
There is more soul searching. There are times when we can hardly recognize our friends with their masks and shields on, yet we feel their hearts and smiles. The vibrations of the loving heart multiply a thousand times, as explained by Gregg Braden when he talks about the “heart math” and how it can heal. Love truly conquers all.
We see children and parents bonding using their computers for online learning. We shudder at the thought that we might have exchanged pleasantries with someone asymptomatic, and yet we pray against all odds that everyone is Covid-free.
Some meaningful wishes for this Christmas are for the healing of loved ones and friends. For God to grant little miracles so their sick loved ones can recover. We also pray for those who are left behind by those who have gone ahead.
We exchange gifts to make others happy to remember the little things, the good that still abounds. For the little ones, Christmas leaves a lasting memory that they carry as they grow up. It can be a new pairof shoes, a new dress, gifts from ninangs and ninongs. Some share their blessings with others to make their Christmas meaningful.
The gift of the material sometimes takes away the full meaning why Christ was born.
For this Christmas, we wish everyone a very meaningful Christmas!
May you be filled with joy and happiness.May this Christmas be the bright light in dark for all humanity.With the little that we might have for this Christmas, may it be multiplied a thousand-fold and may we share our blessings with others.
Merry Christmas!