May 22, 2024
  1. The long-time public speculation on the political plan of a legislative caretaker in 2022 has been settled when the latter formally registered as a voter in the region.
  2. Many newsstand vendors could not express themselves that they prefer to remain in their current locations for as long as they don’t obstruct the flow of pedestrians.
  3. The national government can always find ways to reserve and purchase relatively cheaper Covid-19 vaccines, not necessarily the more expensive ones from China.
  4. There’s a possible lapse in crowd control at the Athletic Bowl when throngs of individuals flocked to the site in a bid to get travel passes days before Christmas.
  5. This chief executive in the Cordillera might again retain his seat not due to good performance but because he will be in a strong line up led by a wealthy bet.
  6. The public could hardly understand why relatively good roads in the urban areas are subjected to repair when the funds could be used in provincial roads instead.
  7. Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto has set a precedent by regularizing contractual workers while a Malacañang official keeps on promising to end contractual employment.
  8. Voters in a province are eagerly awaiting for the 2022 elections, as they expect crisp bills will surely thicken their pockets aside from the overflowing watwat.
  9. One of the amiable dignitaries who frequently visits Baguio and Benguet is the newest inspiration of a government official, who is working hard this pandemic.
  10. The activities of an agency would push through as planned even as less than 10 of its participants have tested positive in antigen test on the first day of the workshop.
  11. A respected leader does not mind if he is not being credited for sourcing out the funds to build crucial infra projects for as long as he fulfilled his campaign promise.
  12. Many parents want DepEd to form a grievance committee where they can present various concerns on blended learning such as doing most of the tasks of teachers.