June 24, 2024

There’s a new place we found with some delight after a busy morning. We have decided to search for a spot to dine in along Marcos Highway with ample parking. Sometimes, it just takes observant eyes to discover some delightful eating places like Quesadilla Queen.
Alas, we decided to try the group meal, Kings Feast, that had an open face labo-labo, two Mexican burritos, chicken poppers, cheese sticks, French fries, and four drinks. This to our surprise was a really for a king and a court of famished men. The burritos filled with rice, ground meat, lettuce, and some cucumber slices is equivalent to a rice topping meal but neatly wrapped in a tortilla and eaten like a lumpia or egg roll with a little garlic yogurt sauce to have a complete meal. They have their own flair in this preparation.
The labo-labo is actually an open-faced quesadilla with ground meat, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, pineapple, bell peppers, and tomatoes, if my memory is right. One could also say it could masquerade as a pizza, but it is better than pizza with a soft chewy dough. There’s no scrimping on gooey cheese here.
Cheese sticks make cheese lovers happiest because the warm and crispy fritters filled with oozing quick melt cheese will always give them another fix. This is a happy snack or finger food for the beer lovers. French fries were potatoes with the skin, almost like wedges but not quite, have a different charm and flavor that I prefer to flour coated ones. These types of fries seem to lock in the tender and fluffy texture of potatoes. This should have been churros, but we were fine with the potatoes.
The most delightful part of this King Feast was the chicken poppers. There is always such pleasure in fried and crispy coated bite size chicken white meat. This comes alone as a side dish. I will guarantee that you will want more.
Apart from this, we were curious about the calderetta ala Milagros with rice and the batil patong. One lesson learned to please the Pinoy palate is to add some favorite dishes to the menu.
We can say that the thick and rich sauce of the calderetta with potato wedges was good to the last bite. The batil patong was near enough the versions of the Cagayan Valley except for the noodles which is distinct in Tuguegarao. The sauce is what makes this unlike other popular noodle dishes, the salty sweet thick sauce is beef broth that is flavored with some spices. We encountered their sweet, pickled bean sprouts that burned the mouth with the chili peppers that added some zest to the calderetta.
Highly recommended for the foodies who explore joints in groups, do try Quesadilla Queen for a little Mexican or good Pinoy favorites.