April 18, 2024

The human connection is quite intriguing. It comes from an observation that making connections with others is not actually rocket science. We, as humans, especially in this age, tend to overthink it and overlook its simplicity. Some say people come and go. Agreed, but a simple encounter can leave a mark that lasts a lifetime.
The first encounter was when differing opinions with a circle of strong, principled friends made it uncomfortable to drink coffee in a place of comfort. It was when the door loudly creaks open and an unfamiliar presence was a diversion from the distress that was also witnessed by friends. When one is harassed by life’s vicious differences, one needs to be diverted back to similarities that make us connected.
The first encounter was a beautiful diversion. It was when I was with another friend and the pressure of being a student made us overspend because we stress ate.
The second encounter was a concerned and soothing voice. It was not a piece of advice but something stronger that made me realize words are truly magical in uplifting someone. Ever heard the phrase “words either break you or build you”? At that moment, the spoken words were enough to create a building of hope and desire. The second encounter was a voice of hope.
When one makes you smile and be giddy, you do not want to make the feeling go away.
The third encounter was after a hell week of passionate and draining work. It was a kind and simple smile seen on the face but felt through the eyes, which conveyed more emotion surpassing affirmative words. The third encounter was a sight of familiarity and kindness.
Each encounter was felt during times when life was playing with me. I like to think that each meeting was more than a humble human connection; it was a saving grace. By which, the simplicity of one’s uplifting presence, hopeful words, and a kindred smile have a lasting impact.
I come across people from all walks of life. I am very thankful to the person who left a mark on me through these not-so-simple encounters. I am intrigued with the hope of more encounters with you.