February 24, 2024

It was a cloudy morning in Baguio, a cold morning and great day for a cup of coffee. People were greeting each other “Happy Halloween” with a smile. The children were getting their costumes ready and jumping in excitement for the “trick or treat.” Some parents were putting makeup on their kids to make them look spooky.
Everything was calm during the Halloween in Baguio. The city’s largest mall was filled with people for the trick or treat with over 400 kids in their terrifying yet adorable costume. Everyone was having fun that day, not only those who attended the events at the mall, but also those who stayed home. It was indeed a “Happy Halloween” in Baguio.
However, the scenario was far different in Mindanao, especially in Cotabato and Davao. It was not a happy Halloween for the people there but a “horrifying Halloween.” Before the kids could ask “trick or treat,” the earthquakes tricked them already. Many houses were destroyed, families continue to mourn, and the blood was no longer a makeup, but a real one.
It was a happy Halloween in Baguio, but a “shaking Halloween” in Mindanao. Instead of visiting the tomb of their loved ones on All Souls Day, some were in the coffins and some were in evacuation centers. Some were having panic attacks because of the trauma caused by the earthquakes.
It was happy Halloween in some parts of the Philippines; however, it was a “traumatic Halloween” in Mindanao. The tragedy will be an unforgettable experience and heart-breaking Halloween for the people in Mindanao who had to endure the sorrow caused by the “trick or treat” of the earthquakes.