July 23, 2024
  1. The massive flashfloods affecting communities in Apayao might need investigation to verify reports of possible illegal logging activities within the province’s forested areas.
  2. It took a hardworking mayor to let the public know that DPWH is capable of finishing road repair projects on time, which has not been done in the past by erring contractors.
  3. Some of the proposals to ease the worsening traffic congestion in the Summer Capital like multi-level parking might actually add to the problem as these will invite more cars.
  4. The kin of the slain esteemed judge from the Cordillera, might have an idea who could be the brains behind his grisly assassination while possible witnesses are still afraid to come out.
  5. One of the possible reasons why parking fee rates at the access road at Cathedral were increased is to discourage unmindful motorists from parking their cars all day long.
  6. This reputable company remains upbeat it could retain its long-time clients as throngs of customers visit its field office to inquire for disconnection due to poor Internet speed.
  7. For the Philippines to become the top rice exporter in the world is not envisioned by those who earlier promised to Filipinos that the “Golden years in PHL agriculture” is achievable.
  8. This early, an army of trolls want to discredit the Vice President as co-chair of the anti-drug super body by spreading fake news that cops must not carry guns in anti-illegal drug operations.
  9. An esteemed member of the judiciary could earn the ire of the public for summoning two humble civil servants on why they removed the license plate of his car for illegal parking.
  10. This honorable is comfortable moving around the city in an airconditioned car that’s why it does not matter if elders and PWDs are affected by the transfer of jeeps at PNR area.
  11. Biking at Burnham Park is no longer comfortable due to overcrowding of bikers at the de-signated lanes, as if the concessionaires can display bikes-for-rent without restrictions.
  12. An agency tasked to promote peace and development in the rural areas does not have officials or personnel who connive with LGUs for funding support for non-existent peace concern.