June 24, 2024

BANGUED, Abra – The Selection Committee of the Abrenian Heritage Film Festival (AHFF) has chosen the finalists for the 4th Gawad Sine Abreño which will be held in September in celebration of the 103rd year of Philippine cinema.

Abra Film Festival director-filmmaker Dexter Macaraeg said entries for the two categories – Short Films and Documentary – were accepted from April 22 to July 10. The AHFF was opened to all filmmakers not only in Abra but across entire Luzon.

The 2022 AHFF theme is “Tagipatgen: Panagrambak ti Pelikula Ilokana ken ti Rehiyon Cordillera.”

The official selections for the short film category are “Evil & Love”, “Another Year, Shredded Pages”, “Pili a Pili”, “Makapili’t Takki”, “Ang Walang Katapusang Bukas”, “Sa Kabila ng Lahat”, “Pag-asang Sumibol sa Kawayan”, “Ang Pagbangon, and My Lolo, My Hero”.

For the documentary category, selected finalists are “Heroes Wall”, “Naisangsangayan a Daga”, “Karitelang Kupas”, “Dagiti Mapukpukaw”, “Timpuyog/Dung-aw”, “Pangnamaan Na Tribu Imalaw”, “Uprising”, “Panagaliwaksay”, “Pag-asang Sumibol sa Kawayan”, “Anak ti Babay”, “Ugali”, “The Tingguian Way of Wearing Costumes and Accessories” (NCIP Abra), and “Nainkasigudan: Ugugali, Kultura kin Tradisyon” (Luba, Abra).

The AHFF aims to support the goals and mandates of the Film Development Council of the Philippines which is to transform, promote and develop Philippine cinema which will lead the film industry’s active participation in the production of quality domestic films, according to Macaraeg.

“The AHFF, in its fourth year, is already a grand stage where the Philippine culture particularly the Tinggians and Cordilleras are showcased and promoted.” Macaraeg said during the final selection.

The next Gawad Sine Abreño winners will be announced on Sept. 10 at the Oval Era Cinemas. – Christian Allister Tubadeza