March 4, 2024

A big bowl of steaming and savory Abra miki is usually served at the Triple R Panciteria along the road in San Gregorio in La Paz, Abra. Like this small noodle place, panciterias are common in the different municipalities of the province. Although an Abrenian staple, the small eateries are still recovering from the effects of years of pandemic lockdown and restriction.
Noodle dishes are common in the different parts of the country with their own variations and flavors. For Abrenians, a taste of home comes in a hot bowl of miki noodles, pork stock, annatto powder, boiled egg, pork jowls (rorog), intestines, and other extra meaty goodness.
Triple R Panciteria owner Lilibeth Bisacarra-Sudela said their miki is different from other noodle dishes because of its flavor that comes from pork jowls and deep-fried pork intestines.
“Syempre naimas diay pansit mi ta adu ti rorog na. Isu ti mangpananam ngamin nga maysa ken dagidiay bagbagis ti baboy. Diay dadduma nga pancit ket saan nga nasabaw kumpara pancit diay dadduma nga probinsya,” Sudela said.
Despite being an all-time favorite, the miki business was not spared from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Sudela said her panciteria is still recovering from the losses during the pandemic.
“Nangrugi idi pandemic ket adu ti kimmapsutan na. Bassit tatta ti income,” she said.
But she was able to increase her sales during festivals and other events, although social gatherings were prohibited due to the pandemic.
“Idi kapigsaan na makalaku kami idi lal-lalo nu ada events kasla Piyesta ti Natay ket makalako kami met ti umabot 50 ta agmal-malem gamin,” Sudela said.
Her panciteria, which started in 2017, also helped her family save up and buy assets bedfore pandemic was declared.
“Adda met naipunpundar mi lalo idi dam-damo nga years. Nakapaaramid kami ti sarili mi nga balay tapos nakasalsalda kami ti tal-talon ken motor,” she said.
Since the pandemic, the government, through different departments and offices, has been distributing assistance to micro, small and medium enterprises to help them bounce back.
Just like small business owners in the province, Sudela said her panciteria is just starting to recover, especially with the lifting of restriction and festivals and other social gatherings making a comeback.
“Medyo agrec-recover metten ta umad-adu metten ti manganen,” she said.
On July 23, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. lifted State of Public Health Emergency throughout the Philippines due to Covid-19.
With relaxed health and safety protocols, Sudela looks towards improving her business.
“Umim-improve kuma pay ken adda kuma pagpwestohan nga namay-mayat,” she said.