February 24, 2024

1. The two applicants for the Beneco general managerial position are expected to accept the result of the selection process, as they are close friends anyway.

2. The board of a state-run university is studying other legal remedies to recover the property that was unilaterally sold to a private buyer by a school official.

3. Another Cordilleran athlete has displayed exemplary performance in his recent outing but has not received the much-awaited bonus that could change his life.

4. Athletes in other sports disciplines are hopeful patrons and the government will not again shift its focus on basketball following the Asian Games victory fever.

5. The camp of a ranking politician thinks Congress will have a change of heart over the confidential intelligence funds if a former President speaks his mind.

6. A young and energetic official surprised his camp when he shifted political alliances after an overseas travel with allowance courtesy of a benefactor-politician.

7. The search for officials-for-a-day must be extended to the grassroots to ensure more active participation instead of only a few belonging to a core organization.

8. Another event in the guise of promoting the spirit of Christmas is in the offing to fill up the pockets of friends of City Hall by using public spaces for business.

9. This politician is not sincere in her earlier statement they can live without confidential intelligence funds when she said critics are enemies of peace.

10. PCSO received congratulatory messages when three lotto tickets bought from same outlet bore the winning six-digit numbers with P81 million jackpot prize.

11. Three young aspirants might join the highly-contested ABC presidential race in the coming months but they would have to hurdle first the Oct. 30 elections.

12. This City Hall official has the habit of posing with cultural dance troupes and was recently called out by fellow officials for refusing to fund programs for IPs.