April 18, 2024

If I remember correctly, the Darwinian theory of “survival of the fittest” posits that those who survive or flourish are the ones who can best adapt to their environment or something to that effect.
As the saying goes, “The only constant thing in this world is change” and if you cannot change with the times, then you and your species are not only left behind but could also most possibly perish, both literally and figuratively, speaking.
“Adapt or die” is a more direct and terrifying adage that unfortunately rings true especially in this age of nuclear proliferation and artificial intelligence (AI).
In line with this topic of being able to adapt with the times, this near-sighted Ibaloy writer supports the planned move by Congress (vast majority of whose members belong to “unchanging” political dynasties) to change or amend the 1987 Philippine Constitution as long as only economic provisions are amended to encourage foreign investments in our beautiful archipelago of delicious coconuts and smiling carabaos.
Again, let me emphasize that only economic provisions should be amended to encourage more foreign investors to invest their money and resources in our country and provide much needed decent-paying jobs for our beloved people, compete with home-grown greedy monopolies, and more. Maybe the provision where the only educational requirement needed to run for President is being able to “read and write” must also be changed but this will be tackled in a future column.
Anyway, recent reports that the Philippines is, as usual, at or near the bottom of ASEAN countries who received the least amount of foreign direct investments only show that our 37-year-old Constitution’s economic provisions are already antiquated and no longer in step with the present times. It needs to adapt or our country will continue to lag behind its neighbors and forever be the “Sick Man of Asia”. Just saying.
May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless and keep us all safe.