November 30, 2023

City officials requested the Baguio City District Engineering Office (BCDEO) and the Lands Management Service (LMS) of the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources for guidance on the procurements on the widths of road-right-of-way in the maintenance of national and/or city roads.         
In Resolution 197, s. 2023, the council asked the BCDEO and the LMS to clarify the rule on the measurement of road-right-of-way (ROW); exemptions to the rule; the application of Executive Order 621 which provides for national roads to have a right of way of not less than 20 meters and may further be reduced to 15m. in urban areas.
The council also wants to be clarified on how ROW maybe reserved and the difference between patented and unpatented lands affected by road widening projects.          
The city council earlier invited representatives of BCDEO, City Planning and Development Office, and the Public Order and Safety Division to clarify on the implementation of the city’s ROW infrastructure projects where various issues and concerns have been raised on the standard ROW of national and city roads.
The council expressed hope the concerned government agencies will be able to provide the legal basis in ascertaining the ROW of national and city roads for the guidance of policy-makers and decision-makers. – PIO release