December 5, 2023

Angels are supernatural beings from God. We regard them as our guardians or protectors.
Whether angels are real or not, they play a big role in our life. Our belief that they exist invisibly boosts our faith and hope. We feel safe, secure, and protected as they wrap their wings around us.
For instance, mothers usually ask for favors from the angels to watch and protect their children. We also believe that angels save us from harm or danger when we are traveling and doing daily activities.
American poet and critic James Russell Lowell said, “All God’s angels come to us disguised.” It implied that angels appear in different forms or wear so many faces.
The lines, “Oh, I believe there are angels among us. Sent down to us from somewhere up above” from the song “Angels Among Us” by Alabama, support the quote of Mr. Lowell. Angels are not necessarily supernatural beings. Ordinary persons can be angels too. They are the ones with pure hearts and intentions.
Our journey in life is uncertain and challenging. We pass through narrow and rugged roads. There are times when we feel exhausted and hopeless. During these unfavorable moments, the angels appear to ease our burdens or to rescue us from danger and from the mire. These angels are no other than those persons who lend us their helping hands. Their comforting arms and unconditional love lift our broken spirits and weakened energy. We really need angels to keep going and live more happily and colorfully.
It is true that everything happens for a reason. God destined us to meet various kinds of people to serve as our angels. I am very lucky and thankful to have angels who walk beside me and stand in front and behind my back. They helped me to pass and cross the tough bridges and roads. My life is meaningless and hopeless without them. Their smiles, care, and guidance lighten my burdens and worries.
My heart and mind will always whisper my appreciation and gratitude to the following persons. They have no wings and are not clothed in white garments but are considered angels.
My daughter is such an angel. She has an angelic face and characteristics of an angel. Her positivity and resiliency always bring me hope and strength.
Nothing compares to the unwavering support of my sisters. They are my angels who always embrace and help me during my darkest hours. My world keeps on turning because of their immeasurable and unrestricted love.
My best friend, Jeanilyn M. Colal, is an angel too. Her profound concern for me always brings me courage and happiness every time I feel like giving up. She is dependable during my hardships and always there for me to celebrate my captivating moments.
Leaders must be angels. Their proper guidance and genuine care bring out the best in their subordinates. Dr. Elma D. Donaal, Dr. Federico P. Martin, and Romulo M. Flora are angels who transformed into influential leaders. They made significant differences in the lives of their underlings like me. Many times, I was lost in the dark but their lights made me find my way or direction. They are one of the reasons for my survival amidst uncertainties, cruelties, and adversities.
My co-head teacher, Russel Fitz P. Wadasen, suddenly appeared as an angel. God sent him for me to realize that health is wealth. He came when my health deteriorated. It is really timing because he took all my responsibilities as a head teacher when I was on leave. He is an excellent partner at work. His “leading by modeling” leadership style is catching and commendable. One thing I appreciate and am grateful for is his compassion. I will forever cherish his efforts and concern. Prior to and after my major operation, he patiently kept his attention on me. His words of encouragement and asking about my situation and progress counted enough to make me feel optimistic and hopeful. A leader like him is really admirable. He is the epitome of an intelligent leader with a heart.
Everyone has their own battle. Let us be angels to make their lives easier and merrier.