September 26, 2023
Angel’s Pizza’s modern ambience attracts the younger groups.

There’s a new pizza place in town and it oozes with creamy and cheesy stuff.

Angel’s Pizza is drawing much attention along Legarda Road, Baguio City and should be a new adventure for foodies who have tastebuds for pizza, pasta, and mostly everything else that is chicken.

A taste of heaven is Angel Pizza’s motto with its pizza, pasta, chicken, and sausage delights.

Still on their promotional period, a double pizza for P600 was a happy treat and one liter of  cucumber lemonade was something new, as it came as two bottles of 500-millimeter each which was perfect for two.

The secret of pizza is in the crust. There are lovers of chewy thick crusts, others like thin ones, this one is between the chewy classic one and pillowy, like some breads.

Carbonara with slices of crispy bread sticks will delight lovers of milky sauces.

The creamy spinach sushi bake is what it promised, the topping was creamy with spinach, and the crab meat strands in what seemed to be a wasabi spiced sauce under the strips of dried seaweeds gave it the flavor of the sushi, it was a good representation of the Japanese favorite minus the vinegared rice. This does not use the tomato sauce base that is common in most pizzas.

Garlic shrimp pizza has loads of cheese toppings.

The garlic shrimp pizza is another unique type to Angel’s Pizza. Thumb size boiled shrimps are used to top the butter-based pizza with crispy garlic bits and then covered with a bechamel like sauce with shredded cheese. This doesn’t seem to use mozzarella like other pizzas for the stringy and gooey appeal. The texture of the pizza dough and the toppings are like eating an open-faced sandwich that is topped with cheese shreds. Perhaps, there is another trip that should be made to sample the tomato-based pizzas.

Double treat offer,  creamy spinach sushi bake pizza will be enjoyed by Japanese suchi lovers with the spicy wasabi kick.

The  carbonara was a surprise too. This had a milky sauce that is the appeal of carbonara pasta minus the cream cheese that makes it viscous. But this should appeal to those who do not like thick saucy garlicky pasta. The mushrooms, chicken bits, and bacon chunks in the mixture then powdered with parmesan cheese make this tasty adventure different. With the diverse tastes of foodies, this would appeal to many who like fluidity rather than thickness. The bread sticks are like baked thin pita bread wedges. These are flavored by the sauce of the pasta and crunchy.

Neatly bottled 500-ml. cucumber Lemonade is a delightful change in serving drinks.

The other promo included the liter of cucumber lemonade juice of course, this could be shared while dining in, but is very convenient to take home when not consumed.

This well-lit and glass-walled new eating place will attract the young generation. However, they have restricted the restaurant to humans. It should be worth a try for those who love chicken served in many ways, pizza in old and exciting new flavors, and beverages in take home bottles. — Nonnette C. Bennett