June 17, 2024

An architect by profession, Dulthe Carlo Munar has made it his life’s purpose to make the world a better place by volunteering his time and talents in the fields of art and architecture.

As part of the Saint Louis University-Sunflower Children’s Center, Munar has contributed to the development of the city’s youth especially those in need of special protection and as a volunteer and supporter of the SLU Center of Culture and the Arts, he has been the stage designer during various art, theater, liturgical, gala and ceremonial performances.

Munar contributes his time and talent as an art mentor to the city’s youth, as judge in competitions, and to important causes like “Run for Hope, among other events. As an artist, mentor, and member of the SLU Department of Architecture, he helped organize the “Healing Arts Project” where paintings are placed in the rooms of patients in hospitals.

Munar has received awards from various organizations including the “Outstanding Personality in the Profession on Arts” in 2020 by the United Architects of the Philippines; the “Artist to Design the American Corner in Baguio for American Spaces, Philippines” by the United States Embassy; and UAP Presidential Award in 2007.

As an artist, Munar believes in volunteerism, as he shares his time, talents, knowledge, experiences and resources with the less fortunate and particularly with upcoming artists, helping them find happiness and meaning in art and life.