June 20, 2024

The City library is calling on volunteers to help in the delivery of services to the regular visitors of the facility.

City Librarian Easter Pablo said graduates of Library Science and other courses are welcome to serve as volunteers in the community library for them to acquire experience while awaiting the results of their board examinations or their applications.

Pablo said four adults and two senior high school volunteers currently assist city library personnel in managing the facility.

She said more volunteers are needed to cater to the needs of the increasing number of library visitors following the easing up of community quarantine restrictions that allowed people to go out of their houses.

Pablo said volunteers will also be able to help in the conduct of the regular story telling at the Children’s Park every Saturday.

She said there is also an increasing number of children joining the “Story Telling at the Park”, which is why the city library wants to sustain the activity to give park goers added learning opportunities while enjoying at the park.

The City Library started implementing its new schedule of operation which is from Monday to Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., as part of its initial compliance to an ordinance modernizing the said facility.

Pablo said the City Library cannot yet operate until 10 p.m. daily as provided in the ordinance because of lack of personnel. – PIO release