October 2, 2023

Baguio’s multi-sport race athlete Dhana Victoria Seda has been commended by city officials for winning in three national aquathlon competitions held in Veromosa, Cavite recently.

Seda’s incredible performance in these competitions is worthy of commendation and serves as an inspiration to other young athletes to strive for the best in their respective fields worthy of emulation by the youth, according to a city council resolution.

Baguio athlete Dhang Victoria Seda of the Christian Legacy Academy has been commended by the city council for winning in three national aquathlon tournaments since the start of the year. — DVS Facebook photo

Aquathlon is a multi-sport race consisting of continuous run and swim events where competitors complete a swim, immediately followed by a run over various distances.

Seda, a senior high school student of Christian Legacy Academy, bagged the overall female champion and fastest female runner during the Super Aquathlon Series on July 2.

She was also the champion in the female 16 to 19 age group of the Aquaman Aquathlon on June 4.

Seda was also the champion in the 16 to 19 at the National Aquathlon Open on March 19. – PIO release