May 19, 2024

I want to share two stories that happened on different occasions.
First, we rode a taxi from SM to Bakakeng. I remember we had two boxes of groceries and essentials placed at the trunk and I have one bag of groceries on my hand. Upon reaching our home, we immediately got off the taxi, one bag I had on my hand. I thought the two boxes were unloaded by my husband. However, he went ahead to check our water tank. He thought all the while I have unloaded the boxes or the taxi driver helped me unload them, only to find out that we left our two boxes at the trunk.
We were speechless and still. Was it early memory loss or have we assumed each other to do the unloading?
I always ask for a receipt whenever I ride a taxi. I tried to call the number of the taxi, but nobody was answering.
We prayed to God to touch the driver’s heart and return our goods. I remember all the things we bought were there, such as adult diapers, milk, and other essential groceries.
To our surprise, after an hour or two, the taxi driver came back. We were glad God answered our prayers so fast. Praise God!
We thank the driver and appreciated his honesty and good heart. He told us he heard something falling at the back of his trunk and found the boxes were still there. He tried to recall his passengers before his last passenger he dropped in Irisan. So, from Irisan, he travelled back to Bakakeng and returned our groceries.
Who would have thought those boxes will be returned to us? Sa panahon ngayon at Pasko pa naman, pwedeng hindi na maibabalik ang mga goods. However, because we asked God for help for it to be returned, in my heart I knew God will return it, because I believe it. I have faith – believing that which is unseen – even when things are vague and hopeless.
Noong panahon na ‘yon, brown out pa, kaya na-block out din ang mga utak namin. It was our fault. Sorry naging overloaded din ang isipan namin at nawala sa isip namin na hindi pala na-unload ang boxes namin. Nag-assume kaming unloaded na sa sobrang gusto na naming makauwi.
I wanted to pay the taxi driver double the amount of the fare or give him extras but he refused to accept it. He said he returns things when passengers left anything inside his taxi without expecting anything in return.
I just prayed for this person that God will pour out his blessings to him this season and onwards.
Then on Dec. 22, my husband’s cell phone was lost and was returned on the same day when it accidentally fell inside a taxi while he was rushing to his appointment. Again, Romy prayed. The power of prayer.
The point is maraming Baguio taxi drivers na busilak ang puso. Kahit piso or 50 centavos pa ‘yan na sukli, ibabalik nila.
I am grateful there are drivers who have a strong value system, which includes the value of honesty. Only the Lord can reward them in other forms and shapes. God bless you, Baguio taxi drivers. We are so proud of you. Ipagpatuloy niyo po and mabuting gawain ninyo. God rewards those who are righteous.
Prayers are answered if we are connected to Him.
“The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” – James 5:16.